Enhancing Flake - 52g

Enhancing Flake - 52g

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Enhancing Flake - 52g



Aqua One Colour Flakes are suitable for most tropical fish including Angel Fish, Discus, Tetras, Livebearers and Dwarf Cichlids e.g. Dutch Rams.

The flakes can be fed daily or occasionally in conjunction with Aqua One Tropical Flakes.

  • Contains Astaxanthin and Spirulina for 100% naturally improved colours and patterns
  • Superior anti-oxidant function for improved fish health
  • Suitable as daily diet or as supplement to Aqua One Tropical food
  • Contains Lecithin which is a superior source of unsaturated fatty acids and enhances nutrient absorption
  • Multi vitamin complex including 600mg Vitamin C per kg

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