Eheim skimmer pump

Eheim skimmer pump

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Eheim Skimmer pump


Eheim Skimmer pump

Specifications: Circulation pump compact+ with needle wheel for protein skimmer. Needle Wheel for higher performance Completely safe due to hermetically sealed motor. High performance ceramics for quiet running, smoothness, and extremely long life. Suitable for long term use inside or outside water; not self priming. Included 4 suction feet. Connection on pressure side with G 1,ù†Connection on suction side with G 1,ù†WITHOUT diffuser and installation material Pump Output: 2000-3000l/h Voltage: 115 Hertz: 50 These amazing new pumps have lots of power, but use very little energy and don't take up too much room in your tank or sump. Trust Ehiem! Now at a super low cost! Online order only. Not always available in the store.

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