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„Wow, thank you for your quick response! I live in Gloucester, Virginia, USA. We live about 1 hour away from any saltwater retailer, which is why I turned to the web for help. I have not mentioned your DVD to the pet store where I purchased the fish (perhaps that would be a good idea), which is where I was told that I could add new fish after 1 week. I have ordered some garlic and some zoe to help with the white spot. My clowns are small and my cleaner shrimp is large, so they will not let him clean them. I have been treating the big tank because for now, its the only one that I have. Since this massive outbreak of white spot, my husband and I are considering setting up a small tank. Your website is so very helpful, and the best advice we have received yet! We have 2 filter units, with both we have a total water flow of 550 GPH and I also have a small powerhead and there is plenty of surface agitation as well. I will say that I am now concerned that since I have been treating my tank with marinemax, I may have disturbed the beneficial bacteria in the tank. Also, How in the world do I do a freshwater dip, you are the first I have ever heard mention it. If I do a dip with my clowns, would I be creating a bigger problem by placing them back in my tank where the parasites are? I know that clowns are hearty fish, but I really don`t want them to die. Again, many thanks for all your help - I have attached a few pictures so you can see my tank.”

- Angie - Gloucester, Virginia, USA

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