Clearpond Pond Wand

Clearpond Pond Wand

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Clearpond Pond Wand



The Pond Wand is a simple tool 150cm in length designed to pull string algae from your lake or pond.
The heart of the device is the round comb. When the brush, loaded with string algae, is pulled back through the comb, the algae clots neatly and is cleanly stripped from the brush bristles into a waiting bucket. The device is rigidly constructed of aluminum and stainless steel. The brush has tough nylon bristels and will last for many years.

Three easy steps to take String Algae away!

Insert the brush tip into a mass of string algae, twirl the handle around to wind the algae around the brush hairs.
Pull the loaded brush from the pond and hold over a waiting bucket, pull back on the handle. The brush passes through the comb which cleanly removes the string algae clot from the brush.
Simply push the handle back into the shaft and a cleaned brush is ready to attack more string algae.

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