Back to Nature Guide Catfish (Sands)

Back to Nature Guide Catfish (Sands)

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Back to Nature Guide Catfish (Sands)


Dr. Sands is well known for his outstanding five volume "Catfishes of the World" series and his studies of Corydoras. My question about this book is, what happened? This "new" book is basically a reprint of Sands' "A Fishkeeper's Guide to African and Asian Catfishes" (1986:Tetra) and his "A Fishkeeper's Guide to South American Catfishes" (1988: Tetra). This book contains the same old information, and many of the same old pictures, already published in the two Tetra / Salamander books.

The book opens with a chapter entitled "Aquarium" which covers the nocturnal aquarium, aquascaping and water. There really is nothing in this section that is not included in every basic aquarium book. The only notable item in this section are the beautiful photos of South American landscapes. The entire book, as we might expect, has a strong leaning to the catfishes of South America.

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