Back to Nature Aquarium Guide (Fohrman)

Back to Nature Aquarium Guide (Fohrman)

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Back to Nature Aquarium Guide (Fohrman)


 There are few pieces of furniture that can compete in beauty with an aquarium. A beautiful aquarium decorated with plats and cardinal tetras, an aquarium with rocks and fancy-colored Malawi cichlids, an aquarium with magnificent discus and shy catfish - well, there is something for every taste. An aquarium is not only a piece of furniture but also a piece of nature moved into the living room.
 Starting up an aquarium means, among other things, assuming also a responsibility of providing the fish with the right conditions so that they get on well. This Back to Nature Aquarium guide which contains more than 600 color photos provides all necessary advises (size aquarium, decoration, plants, technology, water chemistry, food, breeding, diseases, to buy the fish etc.) for anyone that is going to start an aquarium.

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