Aquael Reef Circulator 10000

Aquael Reef Circulator 10000

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Quick Overview

Aquael Reef Circulator 10000 is the perfect reef circulator for 100-400L marine aquariums.


The Aquael Reef Circulator 10000 is designed to circulate water in reef aquariums. It consists of miniature body fitted on a magnetic hanger, so no suction caps required.

Precise and almost unrestricted setting of the output direction is allowed by an articulated joint of the pump body with the hanger, furthermore specially designed amortization system eliminates any potential vibrations. Small size of the device facilitate its easy concealment among rocks and other decorative elements inside the tank.


  •  provides ideal circulation of water in aquarium
  •  low power consumption
  •  does not increase water temperature
  •  exceptionally quiet
  •  very efficient

 Wattage: 20W
 Max Flow Rate: 10000L/hr
 Tank Volume: 100-400L

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