ADA Softenizer Resin Refill Packet (250ml)

ADA Softenizer Resin Refill Packet (250ml)

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ADA Softenizer Resin Refill Packet (250ml)


Ion-Exchange Resin for Softenizer

Reusable refill of Ion-exchange resin for Softenizer. You can use this product repeatedly for a long period of time: for recovery, soak it into salt water. Please replace the resin once its surface becomes worn out and dried.

Necessary amount:
Softenizer 20 / approx 20ml
Softenizer 50 / approx 50ml
Softenizer 300 / approx 250ml

* Approximately 40ml of Resin is necessary to lower the hardness level by 1∫dH of every 100L of water.
* For recovering a 100ml of resin, mix in the water with 20g of salt, and leave it for about an hour. Then replace the water and remove salt.

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