2.2kg Marine/Reef Salt

2.2kg Marine/Reef Salt 2.2kg Marine/Reef Salt

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Marine/Reef Salt
Ultimate Aquacareís Synthetic
Marine/Reef Salt is manufactured
in Australia using only the
finest ingredients available. It
is formulated with the required
levels of Calcium, Magnesium,
Alkalinity, Chlorides, Sulphates,
Potassium, Iodine, Strontium,
other important ions and trace
elements to successfully replicate
natural seawater. It also contains
no elevated levels of Nitrate or
Phosphate. Our blend can be
used with Reverse Osmosis,
Deionised and (by using the FREE
De-chlorinating agent) tap water.
To save confusion by having more
than one salt mix in our range;
we have simplified and provided
you with one specially formulated
premium blend. The ìUltimate
Aquacareís Recommended Levelsî
table (located to the right ) gives
you the parameters needed to
maintain optimum health for
whatever type of aquarium you
have. By simply adjusting the
quantity of the salt used and using
our supplements will allow you to
maintain these parameters.


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