120 AquaGrande 285L Curved Glass Aquarium (black)

120 AquaGrande 285L Curved Glass Aquarium (black)

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120 AquaGrande 285L Curved Glass Aquarium (black)



The AquaGrande Aquariums are the ultimate aquarium for advanced fish keepers and marine enthusiasts. While most of the larger Aqua One aquariums can be used to keep marine species and specialist invertebrates, the AquaGrande aquarium range is specially built to handle more and handle efficiently. As a more advanced fish keeper, you have more options in which fish you feel most confident in keeping, and may also prefer exuberant fish species that require more space or specialist care.
The AquaGrande certainly looks prestigious, but behind this unique exterior is an efficient design that incorporates the latest in lighting and filtration equipment and easy access for feeding and maintenance that brings back the simplicity of keeping fish.

Important Notice:

These aquariums are currently only available for order via direct contact with Majestic Aquariums support.
Please do not purchase these aquariums online, as extra shipping charges apply.
Please call Majestic Aquariums at 02 9525 3474, or email us at info@majesticaquariums.com.aufor more information.


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